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Automatic Parallel Control System

 Automatic parallel control system, combined with the electronic adjustment system or electric injection engine type gensets, can control more than one unit genset to fulfill automatic parallel running.

The control system adopts import apparatus and meters (module) to achieve the gensets auto synchronize, auto distribute loads, together with high preformance muti-purpose air circuit breaker as main switch. There is an idependence electricity parameter simulating indicators for single genset and some correlative instruction lights eqiupped on the panel. This control system have abundant functions for genset parllel running process such as auto synchronize, auto load distribute, auto upload of download according to load demand, power reverse protection, all kinds of engine problem protection and so on. It is a complete solution that assures genset parallel running safe, reasonable and more economical.

The bus of this system adopts full capacity copper bus connectiong, which is fit for field installation and generator power output.