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Quality Assurance

Huihe generator strickly conforms to ISO9001 quality management system from design and manufacture to shipment. We commit to delicated design and workmanship according to customer's technical requirement.
All gensets are fully tested before shipment and provided with signed test reports by our testing engineers. We assure the best quality gensets to supply to our customers.
● All the gensets are brand new. Diesel engine comforms to ISO3046, DIN6721 and BS5514 standard. Alternator conforms
    to BS5000 (the third part), IEC34-1, VDE0530, UTE5100, NEMA, MG1-22, CEMA, GSA222, AS1359 and GB755
    standard.Genset conforms to ISO8528 and GB/T2800-1997 standard.
● On-time delivery, in-time installation and maintenance.
● Set up customer service files and make service suggestion and guidance to customers regularly.
● Full ranges of spare parts stock assures in-time overhaul and maintenance to generators.
● The warranty of the diesel genset and its optional parts covers a period of one year after installation, or accumulated 1000
    hours' running, or Eighteen months counted from the day Huihe sells to the first buyer (including the time of transportation
    & installation or long time no installation and use). Parts like filter and luboil are not in the warranty scope due to improper
    operation or insufficient maitenance in the warranty period.